Cassandra Buck

Local Artist Rochester Minnesota


Whenever I tell someone I am an Art teacher they react very positively. " Oh that's nice!" or "What fun!" . Then they ask me what grade I teach and I tell them Middle School. That's when it happens. They look at me with pity and say "ohhhhh that has to be hard" or "awe man I couldn't do that." 

My question is why? 

Why is middle school seen as the leper or the outcast. 

Yes I understand they are insane. Yes I understand they have mood swings. Yes I understand that they are at the "awkward stage" where their feet are growing to fast and their body to slow or vice versa so they have absolutely no coordination. Yes I understand that some of them are very mature and others have a long ways to go (all in the same classroom). 

But so what.....I love seeing this kids figure themselves out. ITS MAGICAL!!! 

This is the time when they figure out what they care about. This is when the "Aha moments" take place. 

My aha moment was in 6th grade. I finally got it. I figured out how to see things differently. I learned how to see things like an artist would see things. 

Its like the middle school years are the invisible years. They are messy and emotional so the world would rather ignore them than embrace them.