Cassandra Buck

Local Artist Rochester Minnesota

New Artist Statement and Next Series......

My work has always focused on two things: expression and the feminine. I am constantly striving to discover how color and texture can evoke feelings and ideas that we are unable to articulate. Color and texture are exploited and taken to the extreme. Currently my work explores the use of discarded found objects to communicate societal narratives of the feminine. Each series within this focus seeks to challenge current constructs.


Our Lore, Our Truth

The first room of the gallery will be focused on the myth of the feminine archetype. One wall will have 5 large 6 ft tall 4 ft wide mixed media "Faces" created with discarded found objects. These faces will represent the 5 main female archetypes. One wall will have vinyl lettering that says "our lore". Another wall will say "our truth". There will be 100 smaller mixed media faces also made out of found objects. These 100 faces will represent facets of a woman's identity. There are two goals for this series. The first is to reveal and reconstruct the hidden repressed attributes of the feminine, and the second is to deconstruct the the historically established and accepted view of the feminine archetype.