Cassandra Buck

Local Artist Rochester Minnesota

The Ramblings of a crazy person.......

I need time, more time! 

Things to do with in the next couple of weeks:

1. Figure out how to set up display panels for art on the ave on sat

2. Put title cards on work at Forager

3. Pack CSA crates for Next week

4. Print brochures for Art on the Ave

5. Make Gallery 24 sign for Art on the Ave

6. Go look at apartment with my mother today.

7. Print posters for Women's show

8. Get artwork from market for Art on the Ave

9. Connect with artists over email 

10. Art on the Ave Event! Sat!

11. CSA pick up event on Thursday!

12. Work with Lynette and Mike on Artist in Residence choices

13. Hang posters for womens show

14. Organize garage sale stuff

15. Get new artists up at Forager end of May

16. Make new title cards/bios for new artists at Forager

17. RE-Organize Gallery 24 website. 

Holy crap that is a lot of shit to do..................Sad thing is there is no art making time on my list.