Cassandra Buck

Local Artist Rochester Minnesota

The nightmare of finding housing for a mentally ill disabled person

So let's start from the beginning.

My  Mother has BiPolar Disorder, Borderline Personality Disorder. To help this even further she has had 3 strokes (which hasn't helped with her illness).

She becomes angry, she lashes out, she acts "crazy". She is not easy to deal with. Some things she has control over but others I truly believe she doesn't. 

This has caused the non-renewal of her current lease because she "complained too much". You think ok not a big deal just find another apartment. WRONG

A symptom of both Borderline Personality Disorder AND BiPolar Disorder is impulsivity. RACKED UP CREDIT CARDS BAD CREDIT NO ONE WILL RENT TO YOU. 

You think "ok find a renter who doesn't check your credit". NON EXISTENT 

OK next step "Find help"

Contact Social Services and ask for assistance. Great! They say we can help you......

A month passes and the social worker has given you applications to fill out which your daughter drives you around to turn in.

Another month passes....... the intake social worker hands your case over to your real social worker.

You set up a meeting and you think awesome we are going to figure this out NOPE.........She doesn't show up........... Call her and her message box is full.

Hear nothing........until finally she calls and sets up another meeting. Meeting day comes and she shows up 45 minutes late and gives you more applications to fill out and turn in. All of which you are denied. 

You have 20 days left to find a place or you are homeless. 

You have 15 days left to find a place or you are homeless.

You call your social worker and she says call Arc (a non-profit organization for people with intellectual disabilities i.e. downs syndrome)

You set up a meeting and the person from Arc and she gives you a stack of applications to fill out all of which you are going to be denied because of your credit. 


You have 10 days left to find a place or you are homeless 

This is where I am now with my Mother.......10 days left and she is homeless.....the social workers don't answer their phones and every apartment we apply for she is denied.

Today I called the landlord of an efficiency we recently applied for to see if he would rent to my mother. He said he was leery because of her credit.

I cried to him..........I begged and I cried.... 

Today I called Zumbro Valley Mental Health and left a message for their housing services program person....... 

I don't know what else to do