Cassandra Buck

Local Artist Rochester Minnesota

Her (Self): A Series About Identity

My goal for this exhibit was to create a body of work which illustrates women’s ever changing role in society. Women’s identities are multifaceted; women are expected to be multiple people in one body. This is created by outside views and inner dialog; we are the mother, the lover, the wife, the victim, the teacher, the professional, the bitch, the body, the emotion and the list goes on and on. A visual representation of this struggle is very commanding and creates an awareness of this societal pitfall. Each piece is an abstract interpretation of the interviews I have conducted of 15 different women. Each woman was asked

“How do you see yourself?”

“How do you think the world views you?”

“What roles do you play in your life?”

I pulled the most powerful pieces of information from these interviews and visually interpreted them with with found objects, epoxy, and oil paint.

Artistic goals of the project

-Interview 15 different women and create 15 different pieces based on these interviews.

-utilizing found objects, epoxy, and wood panel.

-create awareness of this issue to the public through the exhibition

-experience an outward exploration (through research) of the subject of identity